Kate's Garden Garden to Bed

Garden to Bed


Timing & Services Offered 

This service is usually provided between mid-October and mid-November; signaled by when the deciduous trees start to drop their leaves.  

Our Basic Garden to Bed Service is offered on an hourly basis and includes: 

  • Aggressive Weeding 
  • Debris Removal
  • Removal of Harmful Leaves from Beds and Borders 
  • Pest Removal 
  • Final Soil Turn
  • Pruning Shrubs and Ornamental Trees with Care
  • Rose Hilling and Mulching 
  • Vine Attachment  
  • Shrub, Tree and Plant Protection from Pests 
  • Final Watering 
  • Cutting Back Perennials only when necessary 

Other Services Offered

  • Bulb Planting 
  • Burlapping and Shrub Protection
  • Post Hard Frost Mulching  
  • Anti-Desiccant Spraying of Evergreens 
  • Draining Your Garden Hose 
  • Perennial Plant Markers for Better Spring Identification
  • Storing and Protecting your Furniture & Garden Decor 
  • Emptying and Turning over your Unused Pots, Urns, Fountains and Birdbaths
  • Veggie Bed Manure Application 
  • Blowing Out and Raking to Remove Leaves from Lawns  

With eighteen years of professional experience, we’ve successfully put thousands of Gardens to Bed. Give your garden the protection it needs for a better kick start next spring!

I had my garden put to bed last week and my husband and I were thrilled with how quickly they did the work and how neat our beds look now. We were wondering why we didn’t have Kate’s Garden do it in past years. Thanks.
— Suzanne