Kate's Garden clutterbusting

Clutterbusting, Renovating & Staging


Closets too full? Storage maxed out? Getting ready to sell your house?

 Minimal clutter reduces housework, frees up valuable time, saves you money…and flips your lifestyle from chaotic to collected.  

At Kate’s Garden, we have a team of experienced Professional Organizers, Carpenters, Closet Designers, Painters and Handymen ready, willing and able to transform your home and garden.

Call Kate, if you need: 



More Effective Storage & Display  

Closet Design


Preparation to Sell

Handyman Help

Painting & Carpentry

Interior Staging to Improve Flow

Curb Appeal Staging

Senior’s Transitions

We Recycle, Upcycle, Fix, Consign, Sell for You, Drop Off to Charitable Organizations or Dispose of your Unwanted Items.

Call for your consultation.

Rosemary, you are very dedicated and caring - it was really nice having you to help us through this process. We appreciated you making this as easy as possible, and it was a real pleasure to meet you. Thank you!
— Janet